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#1 Christmas Light Installation In Tulsa OK

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Make Your Christmas Bright With Our Tulsa OK Christmas Light Installation Service!

Second guessing getting up on that ladder this year? Looking for someone to hang your Christmas lights for you instead? Well, you've stumbled upon the #1 Christmas light company in Tulsa, OK. The Christmas Light Crew provides complete Christmas light services. The process begins with a custom design that will uniquely fit your home's needs. Don't worry, The Christmas Light Crew provides everything: Christmas lights, decorations, labor, equipment, and storage. 

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1. Design

Our all-inclusive Christmas Light installation in Tulsa OK always starts with a free custom design and quote. We take what you want and offer options to best fit your home! We do the roof line, ridge line, bushes, trees and more!

You can rest assured knowing our installers are professionally trained and yes, are insured! This part of the process is always the most exciting. The anticipation to see them on for the first time! We custom cut each and every extension cord to fit seamlessly to your home, hidden to the best of our ability.

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2. Installation

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Accidents happen, but don't worry! The Christmas Light Crew ensures customer satisfaction. Our professional Christmas light installation in Tulsa, OK promises to repair any broken bulb, fallen lights or anything else that may come about until December 23rd within 48 hrs of notice.

3. Maintenance

This is the saddest part of the Christmas light season. We come out and remove the lights, label, map out, and store in containers until the next year!

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4. Removal

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Residential Christmas Light Installation

We service homes all across the Tulsa OK area every year. You can rest assured you are in good hands with The Christmas Light Crew. Our company is geared towards customer experience and ease of service. Our goal is to brighten up your Christmas season. Our process is fast, easy and you don't have to do a thing. Trust The Christmas Light Crew team to answer all your questions or concerns. You will be blown away by the Christmas light installation and craft of our service. Brighten up your home and enjoy the compliments from family, friends and neighbors!

The Christmas Spirit Meter

Do It Yourself 20%

Other Companies 50%

The Christmas Light Crew 100%

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#1 Christmas Light Installation In Tulsa OK

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