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#1 Christmas Light Installation In Tulsa OK

  • How Early Do You Start Installing Christmas Lights?
    We start installing our Christmas Lights in October! We also do Halloween lights which start in September!
  • What Colors Do You Guys Have?
    You get to choose any color you want! Warm White, Pure White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink etc.
  • What Is The Difference Between Warm White And Pure White?
    Warm white you could relate to a vintage look. These are your typical Christmas tree lights that are subtle and warm. They are our favorite here at The Christmas Light Crew! Pure white is more modern, bright and stands out! These typically look good on newer homes that are bright and modern!
  • When Do You Take Down The Lights?
    We start taking down lights at the beginning of January and have everyones lights down before February.
  • Are You Insured?
    Yes! You can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you are in good hands. Our installers are professionally trained on the proper installation methods.
  • What Lights Do You Use?
    Here at The Christmas Light Crew, we only use professional grade LED bulbs. These are the best in the business to make your home the talk of the town.
  • What Happens If There Is Bad Weather On My Install Date?
    Weather can sometimes be tricky but rest assured, we will work with the affected clients according to their schedule and ours!
  • Are These My Lights Or Am I Just Renting Them?
    We are an all inclusive service which mean we own our material that we use for your home! We do all the work of obtaining the best quality lights for you! We custom cut the lights to fit your home perfectly and then after takedown, we store them in our climate controlled warehouse! However, we do offer selling our lights (at an extra charge) and will store them for you for free as well!
  • Do I Store The Lights?
    No, you do not store the lights! Come takedown time, we will organize, label and properly store all your lights in our climate controlled warehouse. Keeping your lights safe and saving you space!
  • Do You Have A Job Minimum?
    We are a professional, all inclusive service providing the best quality products on the market with excellent customer service. To give you the best experience we have a job minimum of $500!
  • Do I Need To Be Home For You To Install The Lights?
    Not at all! If we have access to the areas being lit up and the power outlet, you do not need to be present while we install the your Christmas lights!
  • Do I Have To Plug In My Lights Every Night?
    Not at all! Every installation comes with either a mechanical or photocell timer which will automatically turn on and off your Christmas lights!
  • Can You Light Up Anything?
    We sure can granted it is safe! We light up gutter lines, roof line, ridge lines, eaves, dormers, trees, driveways, sidewalks, fences, columns, bushes, pergolas etc.
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